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There are many variables to consider when the band bids on a job. Some elements to consider are; the distance to travel, the size of the venue, the amount of guests attending the event and other factors. Call Yvette at 817-841-7625 and have your questions personally with awesome customer service!
The guys have just put together a beautiful printed promotional kit that includes their bio, news, music and playlist. If you would like to host the band at your wedding or venue, call them at 
871-841-7625, or email them your address.
More Fun with a Live Band!
The More Love Band is a talented, seven-piece group that has the ability to perform several decades of your favorite music. These experienced musicians perform music of several decades.  
We can mail you a printed promo kit.
More Energy with a Live Band
We do not want the enthusiasm to leave the room.  We will make the right choices of music and keep every moment memorable for you and your guests. 

Consider having the More Love Band to entertain at your next corporate event, wedding or anniversary traveling from the Dallas | Fort Worth area.
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1. Book Early  Book the entertainer early so they have lots of time to understand your personality and gather every detail of your plans. Your entertainment should supply a method to collect details about the day you met, customize and personalize the event and play the music you love at the right time.

2. Choose entertainment wisely  You are not just hiring a band but a key person to help make your plan happen.  The entertainment should make certain things are going smoothly and maintain good communication with the bride and groom.

3. Public address system for announcements  There are many events that happen during your wedding reception.  Your guests stay entertained when they are involved in the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss or that special speech. Having everyone hear these events is imperative. When guests feel a part of the evening they are excited to be a part of the reception.

4. Keep em' dancin'  The entertainment must create a fun, energetic atmosphere for the wedding reception. Playing the right music and including all your favorite music is a special pleasure of an entertainer that wants the guests to be pleased.  

5. Affordable Pricing:  To hire the More Love Band, please contact them for a quote.  Call now to schedule your special event:  
Click the song list above for a partial list of songs that will make your event a dynamic and memorable occasion!  Call now to book this band!
Whether you are looking for beautiful love songs to be sung at your ceremony or exciting, dance music for your wedding reception, More Love Band has the versatility to provide what you need. This band can easily adapt to work with your wedding planner to make timely announcements and ensure your ceremony goes smoothly. Later on these guys will  still energize everyone at your reception with lively, dance music to shake up any crowd.

These guys can provide beautiful, romantic songs from the time you were married for the perfect, live, anniversary band entertainment. What was the name of the father daughter song you danced at your wedding? Let More Love Band recreate one of the best moments in your life.

Disc jockey vs. live music  Why choose? Enjoy both.
There is no comparison to having your favorite music presented  live at one of the most memorable days of your life.  To begin soothing jazz is played while your guests are eating and socializing. After all the announcements to fit your plans are made  this band will add to the energy of the evening with exciting party music. If you would prefer, the band can (DJ) to make sure the right music is played at the right time. Just tell them your schedule and they will be happy to accommodate you. They play the music to fit the mood of your guests. Call them now at 817-841-7625.
Groovin' dance music or soothing love ballads...

Look no further, Julie Agoussi is available to help! We can suggest a dynamic wedding coordinator, Julie Agoussi.  She is available to coordinate all her vendor contacts to execute your wedding day flawlessly. She is there from the start of the planning process or several months prior until your sweet wedding day. She will work tirelessly with every aspect of your special day including the location.

Julie will assist in making recommendations for your flowers, decorations, food and drinks. She will also organize the theme, colors and other smaller details that you will choose.

Remember to start early; an event planner's job is to insure you get the best deals from other wedding vendors so you can afford the 
wedding of your dreams while staying within your budget. 

Call now and let's get you hooked up with an established
professional with reasonable pricing and a staff to assist
 with decorations, catering and other aspects of your 
special day!  Call Now: 817-841-7625.

Need a Wedding Coordinator?
At a recent wedding  acknowledging the bride & groom.
Let us recommend, Daniel Dennis to you.  
He also does videography -- click here to view his 
website and be sure to tell him More Love Band 
recommended him!  Thanks.

M         U          S          I          C
W        E        D           T        O
We Are Family!!  Another exciting time at a recent wedding reception where the guests are having an awesome time.  
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