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1980's Music
The musical era of the 1980's Like many other decades, the 1980's was a decade where music was a way to chronicle the times and events of the era. In some ways, the musical genres during the 1980's redefined the way many bands and artists made new music and it still continues to influence music today. Many of the musicians during the 1980's have maintained staying power and are still popular today. 

Other artists enjoyed a modicum of success during the decade and they are not even widely recognized today, save for the television programs that strive to reunite the bands and give exposure to artists of the time. Following is some descriptions and explanations of the bands and interests that helped to change the face of music in the 80's.
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1980's Music

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1980's Songs:

Celebration - Kool & The Gang
I Wanna Dance W/Somebody-Whitney Houston
Been So Long - Anita Baker
Here & Now - Luther Vandross
And I Am Telling You - Jennifer Hudson
Billy Jean - Michael Jackson
Simply the Best - Tina Turner  
I Just Called to say, I Love You - Stevie 
Lean On Me - Bill Withers